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Fall 10-25-2022


Publication Distribution Data : William L. La Force Jr. (Staff Photographer, The Baltimore Sun) 1965

Physical Description : 12" x 9" glossy Black & White photo x1; 7" x 3" black & white photocopy

General Note : On the speaker's platform were Archibald Rogers, representing the architects; John E. Motz, immediate past President of the GBMC Board of Trustees; Tilton H. Dobbin, Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Board; Dr. Milton Eisenhower; Mrs. H. Norman Baetjer, Jr., President of the Board; Dr. John H. Gardner, Board member who delivered the Prayer of Dedication and Right Reverend Richard H. Baker, GBMC Chaplain, who delivered the Invocation.

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GBMC Dedication with speaker, Dwight D. Eisenhower


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