About Institutional Repositories

The GBMC HealthCare Scholarly Commons was created to collect, preserve, and showcase the research and publishing activities of our affiliated health professionals and employees. Our goal is to share GBMC’s past, present, and future scholarly contributions with people throughout the world.

Physicians, Medical Residents, Nurses, Healthcare Workers, Affiliates, and other GBMC employees are invited to submit their research through the Submit Research link on the home page.

Content that will be highlighted is at the discretion of the Institutional Repository Manager. The Institutional Repository Manager reserves the right to decide what content will be highlighted in the repository. Scholarly Commons is a service of the GBMC John E. Savage Medical Library.

Questions? Email us at GBMCcommons@gbmc.org. GBMC employees can also visit the Medical library website on InfoWeb for additional contact information or to learn more about our services.

To learn more about Institutional Repositories, please visit the Digital Commons Resources page.