Assessment of Reliability and Validity of the Cochlear Implant Skills Review: A New Measure to Evaluate Cochlear Implant Users' Device Skills and Knowledge

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American Journal of Audiology


Purpose The Cochlear Implant Skills Review (CISR) was developed as a measure of cochlear implant (CI) users' skills and knowledge regarding device use. This study aimed to determine intra- and interrater reliability and agreement and establish construct validity for the CISR. Method In this study, the CISR was developed and administered to a cohort of 30 adult CI users. Participants included new CI users with less than 1 year of CI experience and experienced CI users with greater than 1 year of CI experience. The CISR administration required participants to demonstrate skills using the various features of their CI processors. Intra- and interrater reliability were assessed using intraclass correlation coefficients, agreement was assessed using Cohen's kappa, and construct validity was assessed by relating CISR performance to duration of CI use. Results Overall reliability for the entire instrument was 92.7%. Inter- and intrarater agreement were generally substantial or higher. Duration of CI use was a significant predictor of CISR performance. Conclusions The CISR is a reliable and valid assessment measure of device skills and knowledge for adult CI users. Clinicians can use this tool to evaluate areas of needed instruction and counseling and to assess users' skills over time.

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Spring 3-10-2021