Submissions from 2022


Chronic Opioid Use After Surgery: An Exploratory Study Examining Rural Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist Strategies to Mitigate Chronic Opioid Use and Their View of Their Role in the Opioid Crisis, Mary-Bailey White, Emily Dingley, Crystal O'Guin, Lori Schirle, and Ladan Eshkevari

Submissions from 2019


Factors That Influence Health-Promoting Self-care in Registered Nurses: Barriers and Facilitators, Alyson Ross, Katharine Touchton-Leonard, Avery Perez, Leslie Wehrlen, Narjis Kazmi, and Susanne Gibbons

Submissions from 2016


Feasibility study of a nurse-led heart failure education program, Diana-Lyn Baptiste, Patricia Davidson, Lisa Groff Paris, Kathleen Becker, Tye Magloire, and Laura A. Taylor