Development of an antimicrobial stewardship module in an electronic health record: Options to enhance daily antimicrobial stewardship activities

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American journal of health-system pharmacy : AJHP : official journal of the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists


Purpose: The purpose of this manuscript is to describe our experience developing an antimicrobial stewardship (AS) module as a clinical decision support tool in the Epic electronic health record (EHR).

Summary: Clinical decision support systems within the EHR can be used to decrease use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, improve antibiotic selection and dosing, decrease adverse effects, reduce antibiotic costs, and reduce the development of antibiotic resistance. The Johns Hopkins Hospital constructed an AS module within Epic. Customized stewardship alerts and scoring systems were developed to triage patients requiring stewardship intervention. This required a multidisciplinary approach with a team comprising AS physicians and pharmacists and Epic information technology personnel, with assistance from clinical microbiology and infection control when necessary. In addition, an intervention database was enhanced with stewardship-specific interventions, and workbench reports were developed specific to AS needs. We herein review the process, advantages, and challenges associated with the development of the Epic AS module.

Conclusion: Customizing an AS module in an EHR requires significant time and expertise in antimicrobials; however, AS modules have the potential to improve the efficiency of AS personnel in performing daily stewardship activities and reporting through a single system.

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